Dental aesthetic service in Colombia

Whether you live in North America or in Europe, dental aesthetic services cost a fortune and insurance don’t usually cover everything or nothing. Thousands of people go in other countries to receive quality dental aesthetic services at fees between 50 and 70% less expensive than your country, so why can’t you! Colombia isn’t much different than the other countries! Consult our dental aesthetic page to discover the present fees.

How will be your stay in Colombia?

What’s really important when we want to receive a dental aesthetic treatment is in the way we are welcomed, the way we’re treated, the follow-up’s method is important, to communicate in your language. This is why we are a Canadian-Colombian family that take all responsibilities in being with you during your stay in Cartagena on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. It’s like going to the dentist while taking vacations knowing that someone is taking care of you. We suggest taking two weeks with a vacation deal in order to get a longer follow-up and therefore leaving with a full certitude in being satisfied.


Will the work be well done and guaranteed?

The question is… in your country, do you get guarantees and the lovability of the dentist in redoing his work in case of an error? Our answer is: Here in Colombia, dentists don’t cost much for everyone and by having stranger customers desiring different treatments that Colombians can’t afford to pay, then the dentist is in a position of great intention in well doing his work.

More, the dentist we use is part of the family in order to make credible his work and being responsible in satisfying your desires. As a Canadian, I was his first stranger customer and I offer you my personal testimony of the received treatment.